ARKIV, December 2017-Januari 2018

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På denna sida kommer grafiska bilder av verkstadens medlemmar att visas. Vi byter bilder varje månad.

Matteo Rosa










Mixed media installation
Dimensions variable
(Installation view at Fort Colle delle Benne, Levico Terme, 2016)

Originally conceived for an exhibition related to the centenary of the Great War, held at an Austro-Hungarian fort in northern Italy, the installation Clear (2015-2016) borrows its form from Tibetan prayer flags. Unlike the traditional colourful flags however, the pieces of fabric bear neither texts nor images. Their monochrome tone is reminiscent of the white flag, an internationally recognised sign of ceasefire or surrender, as well as a symbol for purification and light. Devoid of any inscriptions, the flags quietly mark the air movements, pointing to that which underlies all external appearances and differences. Installed outdoors, the lightness and evanescence of the fabric is emphasised by the might of nature.